Garage Door Openers

To repair or replace your Garage Door Opener?

If your garage door opener is not working, it can either be repaired or replaced depending on how old the unit is. Repairing your existing motor may be less expensive than replacing the unit if it is less than 10 years old. Henry Allen Garage Doors recommends replacing your motor if it is 12 years old or older unless it is a simple inexpensive part that is needed. If the motor is older and needs new gears or a circuit board we highly recommend replacing the unit as there are other parts that can fail and you will end up spending more to fix your old unit than you would have if you just replaced it originally.

Henry Allen Company LLC cannot by law work on any motors manufactured prior to 1993.

*Federal Regulations (UL325) was updated in 1993, which made garage door openers safer by adding a safety reversing eye mounted approximately 6 inches from the floor with an invisible beam, that when blocked or obstructed the door automatically reverses and goes back up. If your motor was manufactured prior to that date, it is unlikely your house would even pass a home inspection during the sale of your home.

*No Safety eyes- if the safety eyes are not present, the opener does not meet UL325 compliance: Therefore you would need to replace.

When scheduling an appointment with Henry Allen Company, there will be a service charge which will cover the cost of driving to your home, diagnosing the opener problem, lubricating all moving door parts, adjusting door spring tension, checking all the components of the door for worn or loose parts and confirming safe operation of door and the opener. This service will be performed whether repairing or replacing your existing motor.

This service fee will be waived if you decide to replace your motor instead of repair, so long as you approve the work to be completed while we are at your home.

Please call us to learn more about our openers. We will be happy to answer any questions.

Henry Allen Garage Doors installs and repairs Liftmaster garage door openers. If you need an opener installed or a garage door opener repaired in Northern Westchester County, Please call (914) 762-6655 to set up an appointment.

Our Three Most Popular Units are Chain Driven, Belt Driven and a Belt Driven Battery Backup Unit

Henry Allen Garage Doors service vehicles carry 3 types of motors if you decide replacing the motor is your best option.

Garage door openers are changing rapidly to include features that make your life easier and more secure. Henry Allen Technicians will expertly inform you about the newest garage door openers and accessories available. We include and install light bulbs with every job as we know our customers prefer a complete installation with nothing left to do. We will remove your existing motors and take away the old unit and all trash, leaving your garage as clean as when we walked in. Henry Allen company believes in going the extra step and making sure you will have years of reliable motor operation – this is why we install and include photo eye extension brackets with all our installations.   These brackets mount to the wall permanently securing your photo eyes resulting in fewer issues and more reliable operation for years to come.



Chain drives are very basic and do not offer many of the other features the belt drive motors do. They also tend to be noisier than belt drive motors. If your garage door is detached, or the noise does not bother you, this opener may be the best choice for your family. If your garage door is located below rooms in your home, you may want to consider upgrading to a belt drive opener.

Specs: ½ HP, MyQ compatible (requires internet gateway sold separately) 4 year Motor warranty, 1 year part warranty


Belt driven motors are the quietest opener in the garage door industry. If your garage door has any living space above it, we would highly recommend this unit. This opener also has built in MyQ technology with Wi-Fi that enables you to monitor and control your garage door from a smartphone, Tablet or laptop from anywhere in the world.

Specs: 1/2HP, MyQ Technology With Built in WiFi, Lifetime Motor and belt warranty, 1 year parts warranty




This unit has all the same great features as 8355W in addition to having a battery that is built in and always charged so when the power goes out your motor will still open for up to 4 days depending on usage.

Specs: DC Motor Driven, MyQ Technology With Built in WiFi, Built in integrated Battery, Lifetime coverage of motor and belt, 5 year on parts and 1 year on battery.